Specialist Services

At Bracken Family Practice, we are committed to providing our patients with a convenient and accessible medical service of the highest quality. In addition to our services in men’s health, women’s health, our acute medical care clinic, minor surgery clinic, and expert services in cryotherapy, mental health and comprehensive health screenings, we are also proud to offer the following specialist medical services at our state-of-the-art, Balbriggan clinic.


Specialist services in audiology are now available at the Bracken Family Practice from our expert audiologist. In addition to comprehensive hearing tests using the latest audiometric equipment, you can seek advice on hearing issues and a variety of health conditions that affect the way you hear and perceive sound. To arrange a private consultation with our audiologist, please click here for contact details of Martin Mulry.

Dermatology & Dermaview

Skin conditions are responsible for almost a fifth of GP visits in Ireland. Sometimes, dry, itchy, and painful skin conditions need a dermatologist’s assessment and the benefit of expert advice and treatment options to help manage problem skin. Bracken Family Practice offers private appointments with a consultant dermatologist at our clinic to review a range of skin conditions including acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis, as well as skin lesions, moles and sunspots that may cause concern. To arrange a private consultation with a dermatologist, please contact us.


Whether you wish to see a dietician to discuss nutritional support for a medical condition, or are motivated to achieve health and lifestyle goals, we now offer private appointments with a clinically experienced dietician who can help you achieve long-term change and enhanced nutritional for your enhanced wellness. To arrange a private consultation with a dietician, please click here for contact details of Kevina Cardiff.


Counselling services are now available at Bracken Family Practice to provide support for a variety of life challenges. This confidential service provides patients with a safe, comfortable space to express their feelings and thoughts with a trained counsellor dedicated to listening and providing clinical support. To arrange a private consultation with a counsellor, please contact us.