Acute/Urgent Medical Care

Our acute/urgent medical care clinic is available Monday to Friday during our standard opening hours.

We understand how worrying it can be when you, or a family member, falls ill with an acute/urgent illness. Our acute/urgent medical care clinic ensures that with a same-day medical consultation, you can access the medical support you need, when you need it.

Bracken Family Practice offers an acute/urgent medical care clinic which allows patients to quickly access assessment and treatment for new medical problems or new exacerbations of chronic illnesses.  To allow your doctor to quickly see and treat a large number of patients we kindly ask for your cooperation in the smooth running of this clinic.  Your appointment is for one problem and for a maximum of ten minutes.

In the Acute/Urgent Care Clinic you will see the doctor on duty, who may not be the doctor who provides your usual care.  The doctor will see patients in order of arrival and clinical priority.  We will do our utmost to see you promptly but there may be a short wait.

Unfortunately, the doctor will not be able to provide help with repeat prescriptions, ongoing medical problems, any kind of paperwork, medical issues concerning other family members or anything not of a medically urgent nature.

However, should you have other symptoms you would like to discuss with a doctor, please contact our reception to make a separate appointment to speak with a GP.