Children’s Health

Healthcare is an issue that affects all children. For many children, a visit to their GP usually occurs just now and again. Children with specific health conditions such as asthma may visit us on a more regular basis, while children living with a chronic illness such as diabetes may have a more significant relationship with us as we become an important part of their lives.

Regardless of how often your child may visit our service, we will do our very best to ensure this is a positive experience, where you and your child feel respected, listened to and supported in our care. We provide child-friendly healthcare with a smile, an understanding and listening ear, and the very best in evidence-based care.

At the Bracken Family Practice we champion the health and wellbeing of children and pride ourselves on providing a child-friendly healthcare service for all. We also carefully consider your child’s unique health needs and their level of understanding so we can deliver healthcare that is appropriate to their stage of development. For example, the needs of babies vary greatly to the needs of toddlers, whereas the needs of older children also differ significantly from the healthcare needs and experiences of teenagers.

Below are useful links to inform and guide you through some common health problems we see children come in with regularly. We are big fans of mychild.iePatient and NHS Choices Children’s Health. Both websites are an excellent source of evidence-based health information and healthcare advice for parents.

Childhood immunisations

Immunisation is recommended for children in Ireland from two months of age according to the HSE’s immunisation timetable. Immunisation is free of charge and available at Bracken Family Practice. To find out more, the full childhood immunisation schedule can be found at the HSE website here. You can also download the booklet, “Your child’s immunisation – A guide for parents” to find out more about the programme from birth to 13 months of age.