Covid-19 Booster

The vaccines we will receive from start of October 2022 will be combined Omicron/original Covid-19 vaccines and we have not received these before. They are brand new.

The boosters will be with Moderna or Pfizer. Both are equally efficacious and you will not have a choice of vaccine. You must not have had Covid-19 or a Covid-19 vaccine in the 4 months prior to receiving your booster.

Are you eligible for your Covid-19 booster? This link may help you.

Are you medically at risk is a condition that puts you at high is a risk of serious illness from COVID-19 – for example, diabetes, asthma or heart disease. This link may help you.

Covid-19 3rd-Booster with or without the Flu Vaccine

Patients Aged 65 + or medically at risk aged 16+.

If you are eligible for the Covid-19 Booster and Flu Vaccine please call the surgery on 01 8416000 to arrange an appointment. You may attend for a Covid-19 booster and a flu vaccine or just the Covid-19 booster. We advise eligible patients to get both vaccines together.

If you are not eligible by age or medical condition, you cannot purchase the flu vaccine privately from us, no exceptions. The HSE will not supply us with flu vaccines for this purpose.

Covid-19 2nd Booster

Patients aged 50+ or  medically at risk aged 16+.

If you would like to book an appointment for your 2nd Covid-19 Booster please call the surgery on 01 8416000.